Tom Brady's clutch moments add up

Earlier today, we passed along results of the latest player survey conducted by ESPN's NFL Nation, revealing that Tom Brady was the quarterback players most wanted with the ball in his hands with two minutes to play and the Super Bowl on the line.

Brady has had stretches of his career defined by clutch moments, led by a game-winning drive in Super Bowl XXXVI.

In a 2013 season filled with dramatic finishes, Brady added to his résumé of clutch, guiding five game-winning drives after trailing in the fourth quarter.

Below is a look at those drives and Brady's role in the comebacks.

Week 1 vs. Buffalo, 4:31 left to play

Patriots trail 21-20

Brady's stats: 7-7, 34 yards

Drive result: 12 plays, 49 yards, Stephen Gostkowski hits game-winning field goal from 35 yards with five seconds left to play.

Week 6 vs. New Orleans, 1:13 left to play

Patriots trail 27-23

Brady's stats: 5-7, 70 yards, 1 TD

Drive result: eight plays, 70 yards, Brady hits Kenbrell Thompkins for game-winning 17-yard touchdown with five second left to play.

Week 12 vs. Denver, 3:01 left to play in overtime

Game tied at 30

Brady's stats: two rushes, zero yards

Drive result: After recovering a punt that deflected off of a Denver player, the Patriots needed to just take two kneel downs before a game-winning kick from Gostkowski.

Week 13 vs. Houston, 6:44 left to play

Game tied at 31

Brady's stats: 3-4, 32 yards

Drive result: Gostkowski hits a 53-yard field goal to put Patriots ahead 34-31.

Week 14 vs. Cleveland, 1:01 left to play

Patriots trail 26-21

Brady's stats: 2-2, 11 yards, 1 TD

Drive result: This drive came on the heels of another TD drive led by Brady and a successful onside kick. After a penalty in the end zone, Brady hit Danny Amendola for the game-winning 1-yard score.

While not all of those drives required heavy lifting from Brady, he was strong in the fourth quarter, as nine of his 25 touchdown passes this regular season came during the final frame.