Dream scenario: Brady to Fitzgerald

My good pal Tom E. Curran of Comcast SportsNet sparked a dream scenario for the New England Patriots with his report centering around Arizona Cardinals receiver Larry Fitzgerald.

Curran’s piece from the Super Bowl reminded me of the time, in February of 2011, that Fitzgerald wowed me with his knowledge of the inner-workings of the Patriots. Fitzgerald was in Dallas/Fort-Worth for the Super Bowl doing some promotional work and we had a brief chance to talk football.

After about 15 minutes in which Fitzgerald was rattling off stats about Bill Belichick and explaining coordinator Matt Patricia’s defensive scheme, I remember thinking, “Belichick would love to coach him because he thinks and lives football the way Belichick wants his players to.”

It was one of the most impressive interviews, if not the most impressive interview, I’ve had with an opposing player in recent memory.

The next year, Fitzgerald and Belichick exchanged praise in the days leading up to the 2012 early-season game between the Cardinals and Patriots.

In 2014, all the stars (and then some) would have to align for Fitzgerald to land with the Patriots -– the Cardinals taking pennies on the dollar in a trade, Fitzgerald agreeing to a significantly reduced contract, the Patriots showing willingness to make significant and uncharacteristic roster moves to clear salary cap space, etc. -- making it extremely unlikely it would happen.

Fitzgerald's cap hit for 2014 is reportedly $18 million (Brady's is around $14.8 million). The Patriots project to have just a fraction of that available and would need to do some major shuffling (and get major cooperation from Fitzgerald) to make room.

But in terms of dream scenarios, this one is near the top of the list.

Tom Brady throwing to Larry Fitzgerald? It’s just fun to think about.