Larry Fitzgerald talks Pats on Radio Row

Yesterday, colleague Mike Reiss touched on the dream-like scenario of the Patriots acquiring Larry Fitzgerald, the standout Cardinals wide receiver.

The idea was spawned by Tom E. Curran of Comcast SportsNet, who reported that the Patriots had interest in adding Fitzgerald last offseason.

While the feeling here remains that a trade for Fitzgerald is a bonafide long shot, it remains an intriguing possibility to ponder.

On Thursday, as he made the rounds on "Radio Row" down in New York City in advance of Super Bowl XLVIII, Fitzgerald caught up with WEEI sports radio in Boston, appearing on the "Mut & Merloni show."

He was asked whether he ever thinks about playing with a quarterback like Tom Brady.

"Obviously, you know, he's top two or three quarterbacks to ever play the game," Fitzgerald replied. "How can you not marvel at what he's been able to accomplish?"

But even if Fitzgerald were amenable to such a deal, it's an issue that extends beyond his power.

"You do know I have no control over that," he said. "My rights are owned by the Arizona Cardinals. I enjoy playing there, they've been good to me, but, like I said, it's out of my hands."

And while he's a player that many teams would likely love to get their hands on, Fitzgerald stated that the Cardinals have never approached him about a possible deal.

"Never, never," he said. "And I know [Cardinals general manager] Steve Keim, general manager of the year, very well. He drafted me 10 years ago, so I talk to him all the time. If anything was ever probably going to happen, I mean, I would imagine he would probably say something to me."