Edelman visits with 'SVP & Russillo'

New England Patriots receiver Julian Edelman was a guest on ESPN Radio’s "SVP and Russillo" program on Thursday, as he’s present at the Super Bowl working on behalf of Delta Airlines.

Edelman, who is scheduled to become a free agent on March 11, is making the media rounds and here were a few soundbites from his time with “SVP and Russillo”:

What clicked for him in the 2013 season: “The main thing about this year was that I had four years under my belt and ‘could I stay healthy?’ I haven’t been able to stay healthy for a whole year. I was able to stay healthy and then guys get hurt and you’re given an opportunity. It’s been a crazy year. The roles have changed here and there, that happens with a lot of teams and a lot of guys. It’s just about being prepared for that opportunity when it comes and being in New England, you’re always kind of coached up and you see other guys that come from nothing -- BenJarvus Green-Ellis, guys like him. I think of all these guys, you look at those guys that have done it the right way and worked their tail off, maybe went the back road, got an opportunity and took advantage of it.”

On the Wes Welker/Aqib Talib/Bill Belichick storyline: “It is what it is, I haven’t even really seen the play that many times. It’s a competitor going out there, doing what he has to do for his team. … I don’t think he maliciously did it. I know Wes. He’s just trying to win. That’s what we all do out there; it’s football, it’s a rough game.”

Attending the Super Bowl as a spectator: “It sucks. It flat-out sucks. Your goal is to play in the last game of the year and win it. We didn’t and we were really close. We overcame some stuff and you felt that momentum, like it was going to happen and it’s ‘We can do this.’ It just didn’t happen. We played a team that was very explosive that played better than us that day. It’s unfortunate, and it’s unfortunate I get to meet you like this.”

If he’ll watch the Super Bowl: “It’s going to be tough. I’m kind of curious to see; I don’t know the NFC that well. You hear the hype of [Seattle’s] DBs and their defense, smart quarterback in Russell Wilson, so I’m interested to see that. I never really get to watch them, but it’s going to be tough to kind of stomach that. … I want to see if that defense can hold that offense down. I want to see if Seattle is going to get Peyton [Manning] off the spot, if they’re going to press the receivers and try to get the timing of the game a little different. … I would say Seattle [will win], if that defense can play a physical game."