Which positions take up most cap space?

As a former third-round pick playing in just his second season, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson had an exceptionally modest salary ($526,217) in 2013, a year that concluded with a Super Bowl win.

Wilson's low cap charge for 2013 enabled the Seahawks to fortify their roster in other spots, with an aggressive push last offseason to add two coveted pass-rushing free agents in Michael Bennett and Cliff Avril.

The Seahawks' roster construction from a cap perspective got us curious on how the Patriots' resources are allocated for the 2014 season.

Below is a look at how much each position is currently scheduled to count towards the cap, keeping in mind that some players will be cut eventually and that the team has free agency and the draft still ahead of it.

Quarterback: $15,737,945

Top cap charge: Tom Brady, $14,800,000

Running back/fullback: $4,036,569

Top cap charge: Shane Vereen, $1,101,275

Wide receiver: $10,984,592

Top cap charge: Danny Amendola, $4,575,000

Tight end: $13,888,384

Top cap charge: Aaron Hernandez, $7,500,000

Interior offensive line: $16,001,002

Top cap charge: Logan Mankins, $10,500,000

Offensive tackles: $9,393,231

Top cap charge: Sebastian Vollmer, $3,750,000

Defensive end: $6,112,047

Top cap charge: Rob Ninkovich, $2,600,000

Defensive tackle: $20,803,250

Top cap charge: Vince Wilfork, $11,600,000

Linebacker: $12,240,717

Top cap charge: Jerod Mayo, $7,287,500

Cornerback: $5,953,650

Top cap charge: Kyle Arrington, $3,625,000

Safeties: $13,508,386

Top cap charge: Devin McCourty, $5,115,000

Specialists: $4,296,334

Top cap charge: Stephen Gostkowski, $3,800,000