Suggs-type deal ahead for Wilfork?

Details have emerged of the long-term extension signed by Ravens outside linebacker Terrell Suggs, which could keep Suggs in Baltimore for the entirety of his career. Suggs said at a Monday press conference, "I'm truly flattered and honored that I get to be Raven for life."

The four-year extension runs through the 2018 season, so over the next five years Suggs will receive $16 million in bonuses and guarantees up to $28 million.

With a cap number that was scheduled to be $12.6 million for the 2014 season -- the last year of his previous deal -- the Ravens had multiple motivations for the deal.

Mainly, they extended a core contributor and leader of their defense while also creating cap flexibility with the extension.

The situation got us thinking about the Patriots and Vince Wilfork.

Wilfork is 32, less than a year older than Suggs, and is currently entering the final year of his contract with a large cap number at $11.6 million. Wilfork is recovering from an Achilles tear, one of two major injuries that Suggs recently recovered from as well (he started the 2012 season on PUP following the offseason tear).

The Patriots also view Wilfork as a central focus of their defense, and an extension could be something on their radar. The extension would not only lock up the hulking nose tackle, it could afford the team salary-cap flexibility, a coveted asset for any NFL franchise.

It's hard to project just how much money Wilfork would seek on the open market next offseason and where the Patriots would value him if they discussed an extension right now, but Suggs' new deal with the Ravens seems like a plausible course of action for the Patriots as they continue to evaluate their offseason finances.