Johnny Football gets advice from Brady

INDIANAPOLIS -- Patriots head coach Bill Belichick drew the biggest crowd among coaches and executives Thursday.

That crowd seemed puny when measured against the reporters that took in Texas A&M star Johnny Manziel's press conference Friday. The sea of media trumped the crowd for Manti Te'o's press conference last year, which some remembered as the largest crowd for a player in combine history.

Manziel is a man in demand these days, and it turns out he's relied on Tom Brady for advice during the pre-draft process.

"For him to reach back out to me after I sent a text message to him was extremely cool," Manziel said of their communication. "[It was] kind of a really funny conversation at first, [then we] worked our way into a more serious conversation.

"But it was really nice," he continued. "I'm very thankful for him to be able to extend a hand out to me in the situation that I'm in."

Manziel noted that Brady's biggest advice was to simply enjoy the process. He also passed along a funny exchange between the two quarterbacks.

He said that Brady once joked, "If I teach him to run like I can, he'll do anything in the world for me. It was pretty funny coming from him."

Brady, never fleet of foot, ran a 5.28 forty back at the 2000 combine.

Manziel is expected to run, well, much faster than that.