Following up on Grimes & Talib

The four-year, $32 million contract signed by Dolphins cornerback Brent Grimes helps set the market for free-agent Aqib Talib, and there are a few more details to pass along on the deal, per a source:

Signing bonus: $6 million

Base salaries: $25.9 million ($10 million guaranteed)

Reporting bonuses: $100,000

Grimes will receive the following cash payouts in the deal:

2014: $8.5 million

2015: $8.5 million

2016: $8 million

2017: $7 million

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: This is an excellent deal for Grimes and one that should strengthen Talib's negotiating position with the Patriots. It is a legitimate $16 million in guaranteed money for Grimes, as none of that money is tied to any type of option bonus paid at a later date. This sets up a potential dilemma for the Patriots -- would they be comfortable giving Talib a straight $16 million in guarantees given his recent history with injuries? One would think they'd like some of that money tied to option or per-game bonuses. If another team is willing to take that step, and the Patriots aren't, that could be the deal-breaker from Talib's perspective.