Pondering the Revis possibility

You have to admit, a possible Pats trade for cornerback Darrelle Revis is intriguing. Winslow Townson/Getty Images

Over the sports talk radio airwaves over the past few days and in today’s Boston Globe, a question was posed: Should the Patriots make a deal with the Bucs for shutdown cornerback Darrelle Revis?

New England doesn’t have the cap room (Revis is slated to earn $16 million per year over the next five seasons), but the Globe piece outlined a scenario in which the team might make it work.

It would be the kind of big-news, big-impact move that would energize the Patriots’ fan base, but is it a scenario based in reality? Pro Football Talk reported earlier this week that there has been a lot of chatter about the possibility the Bucs would be open to trading Revis and that the Patriots and Broncos might be among the interested.

In his weekly chat today, ESPNBoston.com’s Mike Reiss addresses that topic after a reader called the pursuit a “no-brainer” and urged the Patriots to “juggle the cap numbers, move some money, make it happen.”

Reiss’ response:

“This is a challenging one to articulate but I'm going to give it a shot. I think when we look at putting the best football team on the field, who wouldn't be better with Revis? It's a no-brainer. But I do believe there is a distinction between putting a football team together and building a successful organization, and it's in the latter category where I'd have serious reservations about making that move for Revis.

“I believe when you're building an organization, you mostly lead by your actions, and the people you invest in the most represent your core values to everyone else. I know one could argue that acquiring Revis -- and making him your highest-paid player -- means you're putting the core value of winning first. But I don't think it's that easy. There is a human side in play too. He didn't come up through the system. He has previously put himself above his team because of contract issues. And now I'm going to reward that as my signature move and send the message to everyone else that this is what we reward? I am struggling with that concept.

“I think the idea of Revis-to-the-Patriots is a fun topic to talk about. Sort of like Larry Fitzgerald to the Patriots. I don't want to be overly serious and just dismiss these things out of hand, and I certainly don't want to come across as critical of another writer's work, because I don't have all the answers. Part of what we do is banter about sports and consider various possibilities. I do sense a growing disconnect, however, between reality and how most teams operate and what we often discuss in the media.”

What’s your take? Would you like to see the Patriots land Revis even if it might send the wrong message and would handicap the team in building the kind of positional depth that has become its trademark? Do you immediately dismiss the topic as unrealistic?