Details on Darrelle Revis' contract

An important wrinkle has been learned about the contract Darrelle Revis has agreed to with the Patriots.

It has widely been reported as a one-year, $12 million deal, which is accurate. Revis will earn $12 million this season.

But for salary-cap accounting purposes, and to protect Revis from being assigned the franchise tag in 2015, the sides have added a second year to the pact in 2015 that would pay Revis $20 million and count $25 million against the salary cap.

The $20 million is an astronomical figure, as is the $25 million cap charge. That makes it unlikely the Patriots would pay it, thus making Revis an unrestricted free agent in 2015 or one of the highest-paid players in football.

The second year helps the Patriots spread out the salary-cap charges for Revis over two seasons instead of taking one $12 million salary-cap hit in 2014. Revis' cap charge for 2014 is now $7 million.

Here is a breakdown of the deal for those into specifics:


Cap value: $7M

Cash value: $12M

Signing bonus: $10M

Roster bonus: $500K ($33.33K per game if on 46-man roster up to 15 games)

Base salary: $1.5M


Cap value: $25M

Cash value: $20M

Roster bonus-1: $12M (earned on April 1, 2015, if club exercises option prior to end of 2014 league year)

Roster bonus-2: $500,000 ($33.33K per game if on 46-man roster up to 15 games)

Base salary: $7.5M