Schefter's insights on Edelman, Wilfork

ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter was on the “Mike and Mike in the Morning” show on ESPN Radio on Friday (listen to the podcast here) and discussed a couple of topics of interest to New England Patriots fans:

On Julian Edelman: Schefter predicts the receiver market will start playing itself out today. So where do the Patriots stand with Edelman, who is visiting the 49ers?

“[The Patriots are] trying to re-sign Julian Edelman, they want him back. But they want him back at a price and a number they have in mind,” Schefter said. “The Patriots have been pretty responsible and pretty thoughtful of the marketplace for certain players. So, they’ve given Julian Edelman an offer. Clearly, it’s not to his satisfaction. So it’s up to him to play this game, which isn’t really a game, it’s his business, to go out there to see, does San Francisco or another team value me more than New England? And if they do, how much more, and is it worth it to me to move? That’s what we’re going to find out today.

“I know [the 49ers are] interested. I spoke to them. We’ll see what happens with Julian Edelman there.”

On Vince Wilfork: There has been some speculation that perhaps Wilfork’s request for the Patriots to cut him was somehow tied to the team handing out big money to Darrelle Revis, but Schefter says that is not the case.

“Revis and Wilfork are completely unrelated,” he said. “What happened was Vince Wilfork told the Patriots weeks ago, days ago, a long time ago, 'I am not taking a pay cut, I’m not doing that.’ So now New England is in a situation much like the Dallas Cowboys were when DeMarcus Ware said ‘I’m not going to take a pay cut.’

“So you get into these situations where the agent’s got to figure out the player’s value. He’s got to call around and say ‘Hey what’s Vince Wilfork worth to you on the open market? If he were to be free what would you be willing to pay him.’ You get a general idea of what your client would be worth on the open market.”

Schefter explained that Wilfork’s agent would compare the feedback he got from other teams to the restructured deal the Patriots are offering and decide from there the preferred route.

“Right now they’re in a standoff,” Schefter said. “The way it was described to me last night, it’s probably best for Vince Wilfork just to take a step back and we’ll see how the situation plays out. It’s not like we’re going to get an answer on this today. ... This is something that is its own negotiation even though he’s under contract.”