Charley Casserly: Give Patriots an A-plus

Bill Belichick and Charley Casserly probably won't be going out to dinner any time soon, as we remember the 2010 media-based exchange between the two.

Casserly had reported that quarterback Tom Brady was playing through broken ribs. Belichick responded by asking, "Who's been wrong more than Charley Casserly?"

Well, if that's the case, Belichick might not like Casserly's analysis on the best free-agent signings in 2014.

In Casserly's view, which he shared on NFL Network's "NFL-AM" program Friday, the New England Patriots were the first team mentioned.

"It's the cornerback position -- you have [Darrelle] Revis and [Brandon] Browner coming in. What Revis can do, No. 1, is if you want to have him take away the best receiver, whether it's a tight end [like] Jimmy Graham or a receiver, you can do that, and that gives you flexibility with Browner," Casserly said on the program.

"Or how about if you just go press both of these guys and put pressure on that quarterback with blitzes, allowing that quarterback not as much time to throw, and your secondary plenty of time to react to the ball and get after it. It gives you a lot of things you can do with coverages in the secondary when you have two shutdown corners.

"A-plus for the New England Patriots."

Putting Browner in the "shutdown" category might be a bit generous, but the 1-2 punch has been a notable part of the team's overall free-agent approach because of how it might change the way they do some things on defense.

And if it works out as desired, perhaps it also changes Belichick's view on Casserly.