Patriots and ownership committees

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Monday marks the official start of the NFL's annual meeting, where owners, head coaches and personnel directors come together for a few days to discuss the state of the league.

Along those lines, let's kick things off with a look at the committees in which the New England Patriots have representation (there are 26 overall committees):

Finance committee

Robert Kraft

Compensation committee

Robert Kraft

Broadcasting committee

Robert Kraft (chairman)

NFL Network committee

Robert Kraft

Digital media committee

Jonathan Kraft (co-chairman)

Business ventures committee

Jonathan Kraft

Management council executive committee

Robert Kraft

While the Patriots aren't represented on any of the committees that directly touch the on-field product, Bill Belichick was proactive in proposing four rule changes for consideration this year. Those figure to generate plenty of discussion over the next few days.

More to come from Orlando over the next few days.