Kraft: Money is hurdle for rule proposals

ORLANDO, Fla. -- The New England Patriots have proposed four rule changes to be discussed at the NFL's annual meeting, and owner Robert Kraft said Monday that he supports all of them as they were put together by coach Bill Belichick.

But while Kraft will be voting yes on raising the goal posts five feet on both sides; adding cameras to all boundary lines to ensure better reviews on instant replay; moving the extra point to the 25-yard line; and allowing coaches to challenge all plays except for scoring plays and turnovers, the bigger question is if enough owners will do the same.

Along those lines, Kraft discussed what might be the main hurdles to them passing.

"The goal posts and the cameras, both should happen, it's just a matter of money," he said. "Anything that can determine the outcome of the game, I think we should be investing in doing it.

"I think [all four proposals] are very good, I don't think the goal posts should be a problem and I hope and believe that will pass. The cameras on the goal line, it's a big commitment for everyone, but once again, we want the outcomes of games to be without question.

"And I think his other two suggestions, of moving the extra point to the 25-yard line [and] having any play be able to be reviewed, are all intelligent.

"But we have a lot of football gurus who maybe think differently. We'll find out tomorrow [with the vote]."