Recapping results of Pats' proposals

ORLANDO, Fla. -- A recap of how things fared with the Patriots' four rule proposals at the NFL annual meeting:

1. Goal posts extended an additional 5 feet above the cross bar. "The reasoning of this proposal is that definitive rulings cannot be made on many field goal tries that cross over the top of the goal post." -- PASSED

2. Make the extra point more challenging by making the line of scrimmage the 25-yard line. "In order to make the point after a more competitive play." -- TABLED (will be experimented with in preseason)

3. Place fixed cameras on all boundary lines -- sideline, end line, end zone. "To supplement the TV cameras and to guarantee coverage of those lines for replay, no matter where the TV cameras are located." -- TABLED

4. Coaches can challenge any officials' decision other than scoring plays. "To make more extensive use of the replay system." -- REJECTED