Tucker chimes in on goalpost switch

When the NFL announced earlier Wednesday that goalposts would be extended by five feet starting next season, there probably were some Patriots fans who were thinking, "Thanks, but you're still two years too late."

That's because it was during the 2012 season that the Ravens defeated the Patriots on the strength of a chip-shot field goal from kicker Justin Tucker that sailed just over the goalpost on the right side.

Had the goalpost been five feet higher, the kick would have hit it, at which point it would be a matter of fortune as to whether it went in or bounced elsewhere.

The refs ruled the kick to be good, propelling Baltimore to victory and causing a stern reaction from nose tackle Vince Wilfork on the field and Bill Belichick to track down the refs for a postgame explanation. He was fined $50,000 for making contact with the ref in an effort to get his attention.

Tucker took to Twitter to express his thoughts on the issue:

and then:

First the Tuck rule, now the Tucker rule. The Patriots forever will be linked to both.