Patrick Chung contract details

Looking closer at the contract signed by Patriots safety Patrick Chung:

Term: 1 year

Base salary: $740,000

Signing bonus: $60,000

Workout bonus: $60,000

Roster bonus: $240,000 ($15,000 per game based on being on 46-man roster)

Salary-cap charge: $1.04 million

QUICK-HIT THOUGHTS: This deal comes in a little bit higher than anticipated, as Chung can collect $120,000 between workout and signing bonuses even if he doesn't make the club. It reflects, from this view, some form of competition in signing him. The projection was that his deal would have been closer to a minimum-salary benefit, which would have cut the salary-cap charge almost in half. Still, it's far from a bank breaker for a player who faces competition to earn a roster spot.