Sales of Revis No. 24 jerseys underway

As expected, it didn't take long before the Patriots began sales of Darrelle Revis No. 24 jerseys.

When the team released veteran safety Adrian Wilson late last week, it opened No. 24 for Revis, which he's donned since entering the NFL with the New York Jets in 2007. The Patriots began selling the No. 24 Revis jerseys on their website this week.

It was a lot cheaper for Revis to don No. 24 this time around.

The 24 in New England probably has some added meaning for Revis, as it was also donned by Patriots great Ty Law, one of his mentors.

"He’s a very close friend to my family," Revis said on March 17 in his first conference call with Patriots reporters. "I talk to Ty all the time, about life and football. I’m just happy that he was there, he’s on my side and if I can bounce questions off of him and ask him certain things because he has a lot of experience then that’s what I can do. Ty’s always there in my corner to help me whether it’s football or life. I thank Ty for that."