Patriots in sweet spot to trade out at 29?

With the 2014 NFL draft approaching, teams will often go through various scenarios as a way to prepare.

Along those lines, something that Dan Pompei of Bleacher Report wrote in his weekly "read option" piece caught the eye from a New England Patriots perspective.

"Insiders are predicting a flurry of trade activity toward the bottom of the first round of the draft as teams jockey for position to try to get a falling quarterback, or the rising quarterback of their choice. The thinking is, the teams at the top of the draft that ignore their QB need will be looking to jump back in at the top of the second round. So they could try to leapfrog one another, or other interested parties could try to leapfrog them."

If that's the way it unfolds, it could create the type of situation that Bill Belichick generally likes -- added value for the pick and the chance to trade down/into next year for more draft choices.

Last year, the Patriots traded the No. 29 overall pick to Minnesota for second-, third-, fourth- and seventh-round picks. The deal worked out well for them.

This will be Bill Belichick's 15th draft with the Patriots, and he's always been open for business to deal if a willing trade partner comes forward, and they might not be hard to find in 2014.