New England Patriots contract notes

Catching up on some contract notes and picked up pieces for the Patriots.

When cornerback Darrelle Revis, wide receiver Julian Edelman and wide receiver Brandon LaFell each signed their contracts this offseason, they included a total of $18 million in signing bonuses.

As it turns out, each of those players has a deferred payment on their signing bonuses that will be paid out on March 31, 2015.

For Revis, $2.5 million of his $10 million signing bonus will be paid then, while $2 million of Edelman’s $5 million and $1 million of LaFell’s $3 million will be paid.

Deferred payments are a method of cash flow management. As we recently pointed out, many Patriots received deferred payments on signing bonuses at the end of last month.

And here are the details of the one-year contract signed by linebacker Josh Hull last week:

  • Overall terms: One year, $645,000, with no guaranteed money

  • Injury split: $373,000

This deal is reflective of the idea that Hull is likely to serve as a depth level linebacker if he does indeed make the team.