Video: Assessing Wilfork's health, role

When considering the possibilities for the Patriots in the upcoming draft, the topic of Vince Wilfork's health came up with the panel at ESPNBoston.com's recent draft event.

The main question was whether or not Wilfork, who is coming off a torn Achilles, will be able to be an every-down player. Tedy Bruschi said that given the current Patriots roster, Wilfork will be needed to play every down, but that may not be a problem.

Bruschi said the offseason is hugely important for Wilfork. "He's so much of an athlete that he can come back in the best shape of his life and almost resurrect his career so he has another mini-career with the Patriots."

Mike Reiss brought up the notion held by some that a big nose tackle is less important these days with teams playing so much in sub packages, but disputed that idea, citing the Patriots' loss to the Broncos this season when Denver running backs gashed the New England line.