Watch: Julian Edelman, YouTube comedian

Julian Edelman has not only replaced Wes Welker’s production as the Patriots’ slot receiver, he seems to have inherited his goofy sense of humor as well.

The Patriots’ leading receiver on Wednesday posted an interview segment from a fictional YouTube talk show he calls “Burgertyme” -- think Letterman, only filmed in someone’s basement. In the 5-minute clip, he, as the host, talks with teammate Chandler Jones.

We won’t give away the laughs, it’s worth checking out yourself (and note the cameo from punter Ryan Allen). We rarely see the lighter side of Patriots players, so it’s refreshing when we get a glimpse every once in a while.

And if you like that, check out his “Smoothietyme” from last week, or this one, in which he films himself catching punts using Google Glass.

Last week, Edelman and teammate Rob Gronkowski went back and forth in a meta T-shirt battle. Looks like Edelman got the last laugh there:

Post by Julian Edelman.