Extra points from Patriots' Play60 event

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- A few "extra points" from Wednesday morning's Play60 event with the New England Patriots:

Kraft: Potential special for Patriots: Owner Robert Kraft said that he watched the team's first organized team activity Tuesday, and he is optimistic about what is ahead. "I always think football is back with the draft," Kraft said. "Seeing everybody in there, having 90 people in our system, it's very well organized and it's very exciting. I'm excited about this upcoming year. I know my coach would say 'there's a lot of work to do' and he's right. But the potential is pretty special."

Edelman: Revis and Co. make us all better: In this week's "Monday Morning Quarterback" by Peter King on TheMMQB.com, Tom Brady talked about how he was tired throwing in the direction of cornerback Darrelle Revis in practice. Along those lines, receiver Julian Edelman was asked if he's tired of going up against Revis himself. "No," he answered. "Revis, [Brandon] Browner, [Devin] McCourty, [Kyle] Arrington, [Alfonzo] Dennard all these guys -- it's only going to make everyone better, including our corps with the receivers. You like going against guys that are very, very good. If you don't, you're in the wrong business. If you can get open on guys like that, it's only going to make you better for Sundays." Edelman added that there is still the taste of losing in the AFC Championship Game, and "you still have to live with that."

Vereen complimentary of rookie White: The Patriots' running back corps picked up a talented newcomer in Wisconsin's James White, the fourth-round draft choice from Wisconsin (130th overall), and he's made a favorable impression on four-year veteran Shane Vereen. "I had never met him [before], my brother [Brock] played against him in college and my brother kind of has a relationship with him. We kind of kicked it off at that," Vereen relayed. "He's cool, we're growing, and he seems to be a really good guy. He likes to learn and is a hard worker." Asked if it's fair to say that he and the 5-foot-9 White represent the smaller crowd at running back, the 5-foot-10 Vereen laughed. "Absolutely. We're the smaller ones but we have all the heart."

Event makes an impression on observer: This Play60 event was well done by Kraft and the Patriots, as well as the students and staff at Igo Elementary School. It also included members of Foxborough's senior center, making it an inter-generational event. Great energy from the students. On a day when former Patriots tight end Aaron Hernandez was in court again, reminding us of a disappointing chapter in the team's history, this event reflected a more positive vibe on how a team connects with its local community.