Welker's perspective on facing Revis

Former New England Patriots receiver Wes Welker is in town as part of his business-based work with Dr. Robert Leonard, and he made an appearance on 98.5 The Sports Hub on Friday morning.

The majority of the interview was football-based, and Welker explained how playful banter between friends might have ignited the media firestorm last week about the Patriots, Jets and playbooks.

Here are some other take-aways from Welker:

On playing against CB Darrelle Revis: “We used to have a lot of battles, when he was with the Jets and I was here. He would come in the slot and kind of follow me around there for a few years. He’s one of the best I’ve been against, definitely a great player. You can tell he really studies his opponent and really gets to know them. He’s a very, very strong guy. You try and mix it up with him, he’s just one of those super-natural really strong guys. You’re like, ‘Dang, I really can’t do anything against this guy right now.’ He’s a great player and we’ll definitely have our work cut out for us. Hopefully he follows Demaryius [Thomas] around whenever we play them.”

On his collision with CB Aqib Talib and the Broncos signing Talib: “We’ve always been good friends, even when I was here in New England; always talked and different things like that. He knew I wasn’t trying to hurt him or anything else. I was just trying to make a good football play for my team. I was trying to get him to go over the top, so Demaryius would have a little more room to catch the ball and go upfield. ... When the Broncos asked me about Aqib and everything else, I was like, 'Sign him. He’s a helluva player and can really help us.' He’s shown that even this spring, being out there [in practices]; he’s a playmaker.”

On whether his relationship with Bill Belichick is contentious: "I don’t think so. Not on my part. I’m fine. I have all the respect in the world for Bill and what he’s done as a coach. I’ve really learned a lot from him in my time in New England. I don’t see it that way."

On catching a break with the weather in the AFC title game: "Obviously, you need to win it to get to the ultimate goal; it was a huge game, at home, we got some good weather, and kind of got lucky with that."

On differences between Tom Brady and Peyton Manning: “I think Tom uses more hair product [joking]."