Belichick: Revis has instincts of Harrison

New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick appeared on the "SportsCenter" set this morning in Foxborough, Massachusetts, and spoke with anchor Hannah Storm and analyst Tedy Bruschi about a number of topics.

Does he have to hold Rob Gronkowski back and trust trainers? "We have to follow the rehab instructions and do what's right by every player. Rob's got a lot of energy, loves football. And he really works hard. He works hard on and off the field. He trains hard. He studies, he spends extra time. He's a hard-working kid."

Why it's important for Darrelle Revis to get down the base zone and base man concepts before getting into game-planning specifics. "At this point, we're just kind of in the generic, everybody learn how to do your job within the context of the defense, working with different people, different combinations at safety, cornerback, defensive line, whatever it happens to be, just get everybody working together.

"But it won't be too long before we need to start to get into whatever game-planning we're going to do with our players. How we're going to match them up, where we're going to put them, if that affects another part of the defensive call. It won't be too long before we get into that.

What Revis brings to the table. "Excellent coverage skills. Really has great anticipation and feel. He's a very smart football player. As good as his physical skills are, I just think instinctively that he has a great anticipation of the passing game. Routs and quarterbacks and combinations, those kind of things. A lot of times he kind of runs routs before the receivers run them. He has that kind of anticipation. He's a very sharp football player, a very instinctive player. Probably in the secondary along the lines of Rodney Harrison, he'd probably be a player who instinctively I would compare him to."