An all-white preseason for Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One of the questions that came up on Twitter after the New England Patriots' preseason game against the Eagles last Friday was why the team wore its white road jerseys at home.

No official reason was given, but those decisions must be made by the home team well in advance of the game so it can be communicated to the opposition for planning purposes. Along those lines, the Patriots will once again be in white Friday night against the visiting Panthers.

So by the time the preseason is over, the Patriots will have worn their white road jerseys for both away games (Washington, New York Giants) and both home games (Philadelphia, Carolina), and will don their home blue jerseys for the first time in the regular-season opener in Miami.

Why blue in Miami?

As the Dolphins have done in recent years, they like to put opponents in dark colors early in the season as part of what could be a heat-related advantage.