When Vince Wilfork drops into coverage

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- One of our favorite weekly segments is when New England Patriots coach Bill Belichick breaks down plays after a victory, as it sheds light on things that he deemed critical to a favorable result.

His first breakdown of the 2014 season is posted on Patriots.com, and the play that stands out is Chandler Jones' fourth-quarter sack in which defensive tackle Vince Wilfork drops off the line.

"We actually go to a three-man rush here, where Vince pulls out into coverage," Belichick explained. "They are trying to run a clear-out route with the crosser underneath. We have good coverage from [Darrelle] Revis, ready to pick up [Kyle] Rudolph on the crosser. Vince drops out here and you see [Matt] Cassel come off the crosser and come back to the check-down, and probably didn't expect to see Vince to be standing there in front of the check-down. ... Can't find that receiver."

Other plays selected by Belichick:

1. Ryan Allen's 59-yard punt in the first quarter. "Great punt, 59 yards, no return ... thought that was a big field position play for us."

2. Devin McCourty's interception. "He's able to run this one down pretty easily ... I thought we really had good effort and good hustle from the rest of our defensive players to get blocks [on the run-back]."

3. Coverage helps the pass rush on Dont'a Hightower's sack. "As usual, the defensive pass rush always looks better when there is good coverage, and this is a great team defensive play. There is really nobody open to throw the ball to, so we had good overall pass coverage. This is Hightower coming around the corner on [Matt] Kalil. High has done a good job on the pass rush this season, not just on backs and tight ends, but even when he's matched up against offensive linemen."

4. Jones' blocked field goal. "The key to this play is with the ball on the hash mark, the flight of the ball should be over the guard, and that's really where Chandler wants to get to. So as he clears Kalil, then he wants to flatten out to get right into that kicking lane. You can see he really does that perfectly."