First Take: Is Tom Brady in decline?

On Thursday’s First Take, unabashed Tom Brady fan Skip Bayless admitted that No. 12 has been "pretty awful" so far this season, "by Tom Brady standards."

And when asked whether he thought Brady was in decline, Bayless didn’t say no.

"I’m going to have to admit publicly today, this is how concerned I am about Tom Brady at this point in the season. I’m so concerned, that I am going to say publicly I am not sure if he is in decline. I’m going to speak with my head over my heart with this one. ...

"I see that stat that Tom Brady is the worst in the league on accuracy at this point through three games. Twenty-seven percent of his passes are termed misthrows so far, that’s underthrows or overthrows. Twenty-seven percent. We’re talking about Tom Brady here."

Like many others, co-host Jerome Bettis pinned Brady’s struggles so far this season (he’s ranked 22nd in Total QBR out of 32 qualifying passers) on the erosion of the Patriots’ offensive line.

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