Patriots turn up the volume

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Kansas City is going to be loud. Very loud.

When the Patriots go into Arrowhead Stadium for ESPN’s “Monday Night Football,” the Chiefs fans will be trying to break the Seattle Seahawks’ record for loudest outdoor sports stadium where fans hit a whopping 137.6 decibels set in 2013 against the New Orleans Saints.

To prepare for the noisy conditions at Arrowhead, the Patriots cranked up the tunes at practice this week.

Here are some of the songs that stood out to Patriots players.

Julian Edelman: “I'm shipping up to Boston” by the Dropkick Murphys. It’s a classic song that plays at every sporting event in Boston. Edelman started singing right away when I asked him his favorite song from practice this week.

James White: “Never Scared” by Bonecrusher. The heavy beat upped the intensity and really simulated high volume levels.

Tim Wright: “Jump on It” by Sugarhill Gang. Wright couldn’t remember the song’s title at first, but once he started humming the catchy beat, he remembered instantly.

Jimmy Garoppolo: Since he was focused on the calls coming through the helmet, he was tuning out the distractions and noise and couldn’t remember too many songs played this week. But like Wright, Garoppolo was feeling the beat of “Jump on It.”

Bryan Stork: A fan of Irish music, Stork enjoyed hearing some Dropkick Murphys blast over the speakers.

Nate Ebner: Locked in the zone, Ebner couldn’t remember a single song name but said he was feeling the vibe regardless of what song was playing. He was riding the energy from the loud music.

Ryan Allen. Like many of his teammates, “I'm shipping up to Boston” stood out to Allen. But, he said there was a new rap/hip-hop song that he and the other specialists were enjoying at practice, though he didn’t know the name. Allen said he sticks to more folk and indie music.

Jonas Gray: He said the usual songs by Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen were played at practice, but a remix on a signature Patriots song really stood out. Gray gave the nod for best song to Lil Jon’s remix of "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne.