Charting Patriots' O-line combinations

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- The New England Patriots used five different combinations along the offensive line in their 41-14 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs on Monday night as they used the latter portions of the action to try some different combinations.

A breakdown by drive:

1. Nate Solder-Dan Connolly-Bryan Stork-Cameron Fleming-Sebastian Vollmer (3-and-out)

2. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (8 plays and punt)

3. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (8 plays and punt)

4. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Marcus Cannon (4 plays and punt)

5. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (3 plays and punt)

6. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (3 plays/strip sack)

7. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (2 plays/INT)

8. Cannon-Connolly-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (4 plays/TD)

9. Solder-Connolly-Stork-Ryan Wendell-Vollmer (3 plays/pick-6)

10. Solder-Wendell-Stork-Fleming-Cannon (7 plays/TD)

11. Cannon-Wendell-Stork-Fleming-Vollmer (5 plays/punt)

The one player to go wire-to-wire in the same spot was rookie center Bryan Stork, who made his first career NFL start. The other takeaways are the Patriots going through the process of building back some confidence at tackle with Cannon, which is a more natural position for him, as well as working Wendell at guard (where he last played in a regular-season game in 2010 and 2011).