Rob Gronkowski at home in end zone

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- It's no secret that New England Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski loves scoring touchdowns. And he added three more TDs Sunday in a 51-23 win against the Chicago Bears to bring his career total to 49.

"I like scoring touchdowns for sure," Gronkowski said. "That's why when I get in the red zone my eyes light up."

Gronkowski had touchdown catches of 6, 2 and 46 yards. The 46-yard touchdown saw Gronkowski throw a Bears defensive back off of him and win a foot race to the end zone. The play had his teammates in awe of Gronkowski's exceptional abilities.

"Man, if you watch me, I'm just standing 20 yards behind him just turning my body just oh, oh, oh, he made it?" wide receiver Brandon LaFell said. "Oh, he's about to dive? I was a fan for a whole six seconds. I love it."

Gronkowski explained what allows him to make big plays with consistency in the receiving game.

"Being a big guy, obviously I'm not as fast as the DBs and the safeties and stuff and some of the linebackers are really fast too," Gronkowski said. "I have to use my body as leverage to outflank the guy to use it as a basketball move, like to box out."

But on his 46-yard touchdown, Gronkowski used his speed as well as his size.

"I mean, maybe I was the fastest that play," Gronkowski said. "But, just have to go out and go full speed and things happen."

Gronkowski left the game after scoring his third touchdown as he was dealing with dehydration.

"Yes, it was [dehydration]," Gronkowski said. "Just came in, got some fluids in me. Everything's good.

"I could have easily come back into the game, no doubt about it, no questions about it. I could have easily come back. I wanted to come back."

Gronkowski doesn't expect it to be an issue going forward.

"I have to make sure I don't get dehydrated, you know, got to keep on drinking," Gronkowski said.

The Patriots will continue to turn to Gronkowski to lead the attack in the receiving game, as he looked nearly unstoppable against the Bears.

"He's big, fast, strong and when he plays like beast mode, he's tough to stop," quarterback Tom Brady said.

While Gronkowski didn't call his play "beast mode," he did liken his performance to an NBA player catching fire shooting the basketball. After one touchdown, Gronkowski was feeling it and itching to score more.

"Yeah, definitely. When you are hot and you are feeling it, keep feeding you the ball," Gronkowski said.

Gronkowski attributed his and the offense's success against the Bears to the Patriots' opening first-down conversion.

"It's always important to get the offensive rhythm going, especially early," Gronkowski said. "Once we get a first down, I feel like we can keep picking it up from there. Everyone starts clicking."

The Patriots will need to keep their offensive momentum going and keep Gronkowski hot as the team will be taking on the Denver Broncos next.

Gronkowski took a page out of coach Bill Belichick's playbook with a statement similar to "we're on to Cincinnati."

"Denver is a very good team," Gronkowski said. "We definitely have to move on to them. Right when tomorrow clicks, it's on to Denver."