Quick hits from Tom Brady

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Leftovers from Patriots quarterback Tom Brady's news conference on Wednesday morning:

Keys to success on the road. When the Patriots take on the Colts on Sunday night at Lucas Oil Stadium, it is going to be a loud environment. Brady has sustained a high level of success on the road throughout his career and gave insight into how to be successful in road games.

“Communication is a little bit more of an issue on the road,” Brady said. “I think that’s the most important thing when you’re playing on the road just to make sure everyone is on the same page. If you are just a little late anticipating things, the defense has such a significant advantage. Ultimately it comes down to execution and how well you play and then communication plays into the execution.”

Brady is ready for a tough challenge on the road in Indianapolis.

“It will be tested this week,” Brady said. “This is a great environment. It will be rocking.”

On playing with two great kickers. Brady is grateful to have played with a potential Hall-of-Fame kicker in Adam Vinatieri and one of the most successful kickers in the league in current teammate Stephen Gostkowski.

“I’ve been very fortunate to play with both of those guys,” Brady said. “Adam is one of the greatest kickers of all time and Steve is one of the greatest kickers in the league. He has had a phenomenal career.”

Brady explained what makes these kickers so effective.

“I think they are both very confident players, I think that speaks to what a kicker is all about,” Brady said. “They always just move on. One bad kick -- not that either have had many bad kicks, Adam hasn’t missed all year -- but one bad kick doesn’t lead to another bad kick and there is never a loss of confidence.”

Practice will be held inside bubble. Brady said that the Patriots will be practicing inside the Dana-Farber Field House to prepare for the conditions at Lucas Oil Stadium.

“I think today we’re in the bubble,” Brady said. “So to have weeks like that where the weather is not a factor and we’re not talking about what the conditions may be because it seems like all season coaches have meetings about what the weather is going to be and how the wind is going to affect the game and if it rains how the rain is going to affect the game.”

Weather challenges. Even with a game on the road in a dome, Brady is thankful for playing in the elements of New England as it prepares them better than most teams for difficult weather conditions.

“We’ve used our weather as a great home-field advantage,” Brady said. “It’s nice to play in the elements because I think we deal with them probably better than most teams because we practice in them every day and I think we work hard to gain our mental edge in tough conditions.”

Brady on Gronkowski’s injury recovery. Brady dealt with his own ACL injury in 2008 and discussed Rob Gronkowski’s quick and productive return.

“The more consistently you’re out there, you’ll get better faster,” Brady said. “I think he really pushed himself to get to the point where he’s at because it is a tough injury. The one thing about my experience with any injuries is you just have to keep pushing yourself because you don’t really ever get to a level of comfort. Whenever it feels better you just push it harder. It takes a lot of mental toughness to do that which, in the end, is probably good training to overcome some of those things mentally.”