Edelman on Brady vs. Luck: 'I like my quarterback'

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Ask New England Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman about Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and he won’t give you much detail. Edelman doesn’t have to worry about matching up against Luck; he’s more concerned with the Colts’ defense heading into Sunday’s game between the two teams.

However, ask Edelman about his quarterback, Tom Brady, in the context of Luck and you’ll raise his eyebrow. That’s what happened Wednesday, when Edelman was asked whether Brady, who said earlier in the day that Luck “does a lot of things I wish I could do,” should be envious of the young Colts quarterback, or any quarterback for that matter.

“I’ll tell you right now, I like my quarterback,” Edelman said. “I’ll leave it at that. I don’t play against the other quarterback, I’m more worried about [defensive backs] Vontae Davis, [Greg] Toler, Darius Butler and those guys -- [Laron] Landry and [Mike] Adams. That’s Tom and you can ask him about that but I’m more worried about the defense.”

When Brady was asked about his comment, he pointed toward Luck’s quickness and build allowing him to extend plays -- something he has highlighted as an area he’d like to improve on this season. Of course, Brady doesn’t have the same kind of speed Luck has. So what goes through a receiver like Edelman’s mind when Brady breaks out of the pocket and looks as if he’s going to run?

“‘I’m open,’” Edelman said to a laugh after a long pause. “That’s what I say. ‘Get the ball out.’

“Usually if you get open the ball is on you with him. If he gets to get around and scramble and get his eyes down field it’s always kind of cool because that’s how explosion plays happen. TB, he’s been working hard on all that stuff but hopefully he just stays right where he has to and doesn’t get out there too much.”

For his part, Edelman will tell you he’s tried to help Brady in that regard. A quarterback in his days at Kent State, Edelman was also the school’s top rushing option on a regular basis. So it should come as little surprise that he’s attempted to show Brady how it’s done.

“I try to get him to sit and look on my phone at the highlight film but he usually doesn’t have time for my little videos,” Edelman said. “He’s a busy guy I guess. That’s what happens when you’re married with three kids and being a quarterback.”

The quarterback will be the key for the Patriots on Sunday as they go toe-to-toe with the league’s most potent scoring offense. Behind Luck, Indianapolis has averaged 32.2 points per game, a point higher than what the Patriots (ranked third) have averaged this season behind Brady. It doesn’t get any easier with the game coming on the Colts' home turf at Lucas Oil Stadium, the Patriots’ first road game since Oct. 12 at Buffalo.

“Obviously the communication is going to be a little different,” Edelman said. “It has to be probably non-verbal communication, signals and all that kind of stuff because they’ve got a [big] crowd. Usually the teams in this league, all their fans are pretty loud, especially when they’re playing against us.

“What makes a good road team is worrying about what you have to do individually to help the unit execute the assignment. It sounds like deja vu around here but if everyone just does their job, including me -- I have to do my job and not worry about anything else,” Edelman added. “If I can just get my job done and everyone gets there’s, we’ll do all right.”