Joe Buck, Troy Aikman on Pats-Lions call

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The New England Patriots host the Detroit Lions on Sunday, and the game will be broadcast on Fox with Joe Buck (play-by-play), Troy Aikman (analysis) and Erin Andrews (sideline) on the call.

Leftover, Part 1, from Patriots-Colts broadcast (via Collinsworth): "Josh McDaniels, he had that ill-fated turn as the Denver Bronco head coach, got into it with [Jay] Cutler and all that. But he’s going to put himself right back into the conversation for another head coaching job down the line the way these things are going."

Leftover, Part 2, from Patriots-Colts broadcast (via Collinsworth): "The big change for the Patriots this season came with this interior three. When they settled on Dan Connolly, Bryan Stork and Ryan Wendell inside … everything started getting right with the Patriots.”

Leftover, Part 3, from Patriots-Colts broadcast (via Michaels and then Collinsworth): "Matt Patricia has done a really nice job working through the loss of Jerod Mayo and some other key injuries ... He lost his pass-rusher [Chandler Jones] and his play-caller [Mayo]. Think about what they've done tonight. They've stopped the run, they've made this Colts' offense one-dimensional, and they've taken away T.Y. Hilton. Bill Belichick is always going to get the credit but that guy right there, Matt Patricia, is a master teacher of Bill Belichick's principles."

Leftover, Part 4, from Patriots-Colts broadcast (via Collinsworth): "We’re getting to that time of year where you want your offense to have a physical presence and right now Jonas Gray is providing that.”

Leftover, Part 5, from Patriots-Colts broadcast (via Collinsworth): "[Brandon] Browner is a guy, his physical presence, they really think he's added an edge to this team. Is he the fastest guy in the world? No, he is not. You don't want him chasing T.Y. Hilton down the field. But the physical edge, the intensity he brings to practice, has really added something to this Patriots' defense."