QB snapshot: Tom Brady

A quick observation of quarterback Tom Brady and how he played in the New England Patriots' 23-14 win in Week 14:

1. Excellent work with his feet. When was the last time we saw Brady scramble for two first downs? It happened late in the second quarter (third-and-3) with a 4-yard scramble and late in the fourth quarter (third-and-2) with a 5-yard scramble. This was an underrated part of Brady's performance. He's not known for his athleticism in that area, but his willingness to take off and run was critical to the team's success.

2. Living on the edge near the goal line. There were too many tipped passes in the red zone and near the goal line as Brady was throwing into extremely tight windows. Part of that is a result of the space being tight in that area of the field, and protection breaking down, but Brady's decision-making in that area of the field was a bit riskier than the norm.

3. Moving up the ranks. Brady's 64th career 300-yard passing game moved him into third place in NFL history, as he passed Dan Marino.

4. Locking in on Gronkowski and Edelman. A breakdown of the difference in production when Brady was throwing to tight end Rob Gronkowski and receiver Julian Edelman, compared to the rest of his targets: