QB snapshot: Tom Brady, Jimmy Garoppolo

A few quick observations of quarterbacks Tom Brady and Jimmy Garoppolo and how they played in the New England Patriots' 17-9 loss to the Buffalo Bills in Week 17:

Splitting up the snaps. Brady played the first half (32), while Garoppolo got the second half (35). It was Garoppolo's most extended work of the season, as he had previously played only 12 snaps against Kansas City on Sept. 29, and then six against the Bears on Oct. 26 and five against the Colts on Nov. 16.

Brady's third-and-1 throw. While Brady didn't have his full arsenal of weapons with receiver Julian Edelman (concussion) and tight end Rob Gronkowski (healthy scratch to limit injury risk) not playing, every game is an opportunity to work on various aspects of a player's craft. For Brady, throwing on the move was one of them, and he couldn't have liked the results on the team's initial third-and-1. On the play, Brady rolled to his right and had a small window to get the ball to running back Brandon Bolden, who was motioning out of the backfield, but instead fired incomplete. Looked like a mechanical breakdown. Overall, Brady's pocket movement and ability to extend plays has been a positive this season. This play was the exception.

Garoppolo's on-time deliveries. Simply going through the process of getting the team in and out of the huddle made Sunday a valuable experience for Garoppolo. Those repetitions are precious when playing behind a quarterback such as Brady, and with Garoppolo mostly doing well in that area, it allowed us to focus more on his work after the snap. As offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels noted, Garoppolo showed good toughness and running ability, but there also were plays when the ball needed to be out on time and it wasn't. Part of that could be tied to protection as well.