Brandon Browner has some fun with reporters

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- New England Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner seemed as cool and relaxed as possible when talking to the media on Tuesday.

In the week leading up to an AFC divisional playoff game against the Ravens, the locker room can be tense. But Browner had some fun and exuded confidence with three entertaining exchanges with reporters as he spun multiple questions back at them.

Browner, who played the role of reporter last week during a media crowd with teammate Tim Wright, quickly reversed the interview so he was the one asking the questions:

Exchange 1:

Reporter #1: Joe [Flacco] likes to take shots downfield, how are you guys preparing for him to stretch the field?

Browner: Eliminating those shots. Defend them top down. Don’t let anybody get in your blind spot or behind you.

Reporter #1: [Flacco] draws a lot of penalties. Has that been a point of emphasis this week?

Browner: Is that him or the receiver drawing the penalty?

Reporter #2: Both.

Browner: Why do you think it’s both?

Reporter #2: It’s stats.

Browner: Stats are not always true. If the ball is thrown all the way down there, what does [Flacco] have to do with it? Explain that to me.

Reporter #1: Devin said ...

Browner: I think it’s more so that the receiver slows down and is coming back to the ball. Does that make sense?

Reporter #2: I got you.

Exchange #2

Reporter #3: Is Torrey Smith more dangerous down in the red zone?

Browner: More dangerous? I don’t know. I would say more so in the open field because he is fast. In the open field you have more room to open up that stride. You know what I mean? What do you think?

Reporter #3: I don’t. That’s why I was asking you [laughs]. If I covered him, he would get open.

Browner: But we are talking about down in the red zone.

Reporter #3: Right. Right. I think he has 11 touchdowns on 49 catches, so that’s a pretty good ratio.

Browner: But where are they caught at, in the red zone or in the open field?

Reporter #3: Well, they are probably caught in the end zone.


Browner: That [conversation] was cool.

Exchange #3:

Reporter #1: You were brought here for games like this -- you and Darrelle [Revis].

Browner: Who told you that?