It's a sweatpants day for Patriots at Gillette

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- As perfect attendance was expected and achieved at the New England Patriots practice Thursday, the only drama was whether defensive lineman Chris Jones would be wearing shorts in the frigid temperatures.

Jones, who wore shorts during the previous two practices this week, opted to gear up for the cold and wore sweatpants for Thursday’s practice.

“Today, it’s getting pretty dangerous into frostbite conditions,” Jones said.

The temperature at the time of practice was 13 degrees in Foxborough, but wind chill was dropping below zero.

Running back Jonas Gray described the cold weather as something that “challenges the soul.”

Foxborough is known as a place where sleeves tend to be cut off, thanks to head coach Bill Belichick’s signature cut-off sweatshirts. And Jones isn’t bucking the trend.

“Honestly it’s just something I’ve done since high school, and all throughout college I never wore sleeves,” Jones said. “I just didn’t enjoy sleeves. It’s just something I do. I’m not trying to prove anything or show anybody that I’m tougher than anybody else.”

Jones was the lone player who was wearing shorts Wednesday, as the Patriots made note of it on Twitter.

“Near the end I started getting a little chilly, but everybody is cold out there,” Jones said. “At the end you get chilly because we’ve been out there a while. As long as I’m moving around, I don’t get cold.”

Fellow defensive lineman Alan Branch has taken notice of Jones’ high tolerance for extreme temperatures.

“Man, [Jones] is crazy, period,” Branch said. “I think I’ve seen him wear sweats one time. I don’t even think he wore long sleeves that day. He doesn’t feel the elements I guess.

“I definitely do [feel the cold]. But it doesn’t hinder me or my performance. But, man, I don’t know how that guy does it.”