Kyle Arrington says atmosphere in stadium was among best he's experienced

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Cornerback Kyle Arrington has been with the New England Patriots since 2009, and he said the Gillette Stadium atmosphere in Saturday’s 35-31 victory over the Baltimore Ravens was one of the best he’s experienced.

“I can think of two huge plays specifically, Devin [McCourty] made his interception and Duron [Harmon] made his as well at the end of the game, and the crowd throughout the stadium was rocking. We were looking at film today and the camera was shaking – you could barely see anything after the moment itself when it happened,” he said early Sunday afternoon.

“The crowd really kept us in it. You couldn’t have asked for a better atmosphere.”

Players had to report to the facility at 11 a.m. on Sunday. They went over the film, made corrections and talked about returning to more of a normal work week with the AFC Championship Game to be played next Sunday.

“It was a hard-fought, physical game, so guys are just trying to take care of their bodies right now,” Arrington said.

Asked what stood out to him from Saturday’s win over the Ravens, Arrington said: “Character on our team, not just defensively, but as a whole. Down 14 points through two stretches of the game and to be able to overcome that kind of obstacle speaks a lot about the character and guys on this team. I’m proud to strap it up, week in and week out, with those guys and go to battle.”