Highlights from Rob Ninkovich, Shane Vereen on 'Mike & Mike'

Highlights from New England Patriots defensive end Rob Ninkovich and running back Shane Vereen making an appearance on ESPN Radio's "Mike & Mike" Show on Friday morning:

Vereen on Tom Brady's temperament. "I'll tell this story until the day I die. The final drive we had, we were just getting into the huddle, and you always hear about these moments when you watch 'NFL Films' and you watch all these big Super Bowl stories. I'll never forget, I'm in the huddle and Tom comes in to the huddle and he goes, 'OK, fellas, we need a championship drive.' I remember it so clearly, so vividly, and we went ahead and put that drive together. In that moment, he was really relaxed, very calm, very collected, focused. There was an intense amount of focus in his eyes."

Ninkovich on the Malcolm Butler interception. "That was an amazing play. Malcolm was like shot out of a cannon to get that football. I turned around quickly just to see what happened, and I saw the football in his hands, and I just lost it. Instant tears. So many emotions running through your mind at that point."

Ninkovich on preparation paying off with final interception. "The things that we were able to do during the week really helped us out. Seeing that play during practice, the stacked receivers, knowing they like to run those pick routes, Malcolm saw it and jumped on it and made the play."

Ninkovich and social media. "I just started [Twitter]. I figured, after the Super Bowl win, one outlet for the fans to experience that with me. Before, I was kind of not really into that. But I figure 'why not?' So I'm on Twitter -- @ninko50, check me out."