Malcolm Butler: Life has changed real fast

New England Patriots conerback Malcolm Butler's life has taken a stunning turn for the better since his game-saving interception in Super Bowl XLIX, but he's doing his best to stay grounded. That included a volunteer visit to Boston's Childrens Hospital on Friday.

"I'm heading to put some excitement in the children’s lives," Butler said on a conference call with reporters as he was en route to the hospital. "And just to see how blessed I am and how I worry about little things -- people in life got bigger problems than the little things, so you’ve just got to realize how blessed you are and give back and bring excitement to the kids’ lives."

Butler admits that things have been dramatically different for him since the Super Bowl.

"It’s changed real fast, been busy a lot, had to do a lot of things," he said. "I probably can’t go grocery shopping or whatever, but that’s what this game comes with at times. I’m just enjoying the moment. Life changes dramatically in good ways."

A few other sound bites from Butler:

How practice prepared him for the play: "At practice I got beat on that play. I took steps back in the end zone, and when game time came I just didn’t back up. I just had confidence and believed what I saw. The formation brought me back to my memory, and I knew exactly where that was going because I got beat on the play at practice, so I just jumped and made the play; just jumped the route and made a play."

His approach after signing as an undrafted free agent: "I played like my hair was on fire. I did everything the coaches asked me to make the team. Once I made the team, I wanted to keep striving, and it was kind of hard sitting back and not playing and just playing special teams, but I would do whatever the team needed me to do. When I get my opportunity to get in the game -- you know everyone has good ones, everyone has bad ones -- but no matter what I’m going to do my best to try to play the best I can. I just took advantage of my opportunities."

What's next for him: "I’m going to probably enjoy this moment. I’ll never forget it. Probably for a couple more days or whatever, however it dies down. Have a little time to relax and then get back to work and just try to prove my point that this one play doesn’t [define] me. I don’t want to be known as a great player for one play, so I’ve got more to prove. So, I’ll have a little relax time and get back to work."