Jonas Gray thought Seahawks would pass at end of Super Bowl

Jonas Gray was a guest on the Dan Le Batard Show on ESPN Radio on Monday, as he was promoting an upcoming comedy show he will be hosting in Massachusetts.

Unlike others who have questioned the play-call by the Seahawks at the end of Super Bowl XLIX, Gray didn't have an issue with it.

"I didn't, and here's why," Gray said on the program, when asked if he thought the ball was going to running back Marshawn Lynch. "The two previous plays [for touchdowns], they had a wide-open Doug Baldwin in the back of the end zone, and they did a one-on-one jump ball with [Chris] Matthews. I thought if they would have ran the ball and scored right away, it would give Tom [Brady] the ball with [two] timeouts. I was thinking they'd probably try to make a quick pass. I didn't think run."

Two other sound bites from the interview:

On his season and how things changed after his 201-yard performance vs. the Colts: "I had my ups and downs. I had some games where I played well since then. It was one of those things where I had a little issue with team rules, Bill had to make a decision that was best for the team, and sometimes our game-plan works anyway. You never know which running back is going to shine on which day. I think that's just kind of the nature of the beast of the NFL, and also the nature of the beast of having a championship team."

On if it bothered him that Darrelle Revis had played the game after breaking a team rule when Gray didn't: "I couldn't let it bother me. I looked at it as working on my craft every day, doing everything I needed to do, going through experiences like that becoming a better pro. A lot of it probably had to do with Darrelle is a veteran in this league; he's been doing it for a long time. I think it was one of those things where Bill had a lot of trust in him. I don't think Bill looked at it as I did this for Revis, I'm going to do this for Jonas. It was kind of individually he had to make a decision that he thought was best for the team."