LeGarrette Blount: It starts with coaches

New England Patriots running backs LeGarrette Blount and Shane Vereen were guests on NFL Network’s “Total Access” program on Monday, and our favorite segment was the “Players Only” roundtable with Willie McGinest and Heath Evans.

A few of the sound bites:

Blount on what makes the Patriots different. “I want to say the biggest part that sets us apart is the coaches. Bill [Belichick] is a straight shooter. He’s 100 percent honest. He doesn’t sugarcoat anything, he doesn’t hide anything from you. We know he expects greatness from us ... and I feel like that’s what sets him apart from other coaches.”

Vereen on the Patriots’ thoroughness. “Just from talking to guys who have been other places, I think the preparation stands out, just the way we prepare for games, the attention to details we have each and every week. Our keys and what we’re looking for -- on third-and-2-to-5, I know the breakdown and percentages of almost every team that we play against in almost every situation. It’s hard for me to imagine it’s the same everywhere else.”

Blount on hard-driving ways: “It’s real hard. When I first got there, when I was traded from the Buccaneers, I was like ‘Man, this is intense.’ The training camp part, and the conditioning test part, was the hardest I had to deal with since I’ve been in the league. I had to go through training camp with the Tennessee Titans, the Buccaneers, and then I got to New England and it was a different ballgame.”

Vereen on a stressful work environment. “Our practices are more stressful than the games. I like the games because I don’t get yelled at [laughing].”

Vereen on Tom Brady. “The most competitive person I have ever been around, especially teammate. You go from a 7-on-7 drill to just a goal-line passing drill, but once the chirping starts, you can see it in his eyes, the switch flips, ‘it’s go time, we’re competing.’ It’s a completely different person. I love it because it makes practice a little more fun, especially when Tom gets riled up, when he gets going.”