Brandon LaFell looks back on Super Bowl

More leftovers from Super Bowl XLIX, this time courtesy of wide receiver Brandon LaFell, who was a guest on NFL Network’s “Total Access” program on Tuesday:

LaFell broke down his 11-yard touchdown reception from quarterback Tom Brady which opened the scoring.

“We are trying to high-low that flat defender. We see the flat defender shoot out to the sideline with [Danny] Amendola and we’re just trying to get the ball in right behind him real quick and try to get it in before the safety can get over there and make the play,” LaFell explained on the program. “That’s what happened.”

Then LaFell did some damage on his headbutt with Brady.

“He texted me the other day, ‘Hey man, great season, like way you played, but a side note you chipped my tooth on a headbutt. I was like ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to get to you before you got to me.’ In the Green Bay game, he almost knocked my helmet off.”

Three more sound bites from LaFell:

The last nine days. “Post-Super Bowl has been great, man. It’s been like you’re going on a recruiting visit for college and everybody is buttering you up, tapping you on your back. You know it’s going to end one day, but you just want that wave and ride to carry on for a long time.”

Offenisve approach vs. Seahawks. “Leading up to that game, Josh [McDaniels] was like ‘We’re not going to be like how everybody else played them.’ We’re going to be in attack mode. We’re not going to sit back and let them dictate the style of football we want to play. We’re going to go out there, attack those guys, keep those guys on their heels. Make those d-linemen, instead of playing 40 snaps a game, we want them to play 60 snaps. Over the course of the game, we got down 10 points, everybody was calm. We knew they couldn’t stop us.”

Watching the finish from the sideline. “Helpless. It’s a bad feeling. I was telling the guys on the sideline, I hate to put our defense in that situation. So much time left on the clock. It seemed like that was the longest two minutes of my life.”