Mike Mayock on Jimmy Garoppolo and Malcolm Butler

NFL Network draft analyst Mike Mayock held his annual conference call to preview the NFL combine on Monday, and as usual, he was gracious with his time and informative on many of the prospects in this year's draft.

If not for Mayock and other draft analysts, such as Mel Kiper, Todd McShay and others, we wouldn't quite know where to start as we shift our focus from the regular season to the draft.

With this in mind, two questions were asked of Mayock:

  1. If Jimmy Garoppolo (fifth quarterback taken in 2014) was in this year's draft, where would he rank at the position?

  2. Thoughts on cornerback Malcolm Butler and where he came from relative to the annual combine buzz?

On Garoppolo, Mayock said, "He would probably fall, I would say three. I'd say he's a little more advanced and there's a little more confidence in the fact that he can do what you're asking over [Baylor's Bryce] Petty or [UCLA's Brett] Hundley."

On Butler, Mayock said, "When you have a non-combine guy and he becomes a good player, my first thought is 'What a great job that organization did.' In this case, that would be New England. My first introduction to him came last summer when I went down to Washington to watch the Patriots and the Redskins practice together for a couple of days. I remember walking off the field going, 'Who the heck was that kid?' He wasn't even on my board. I came away going, 'Wow! Great feet.' I don't get mad at myself on those kinds of kids because I basically get a list of draftable kids and I just try to watch as much tape as I possibly can. He wasn't even on any list. Bottom line is, great job by New England. Impressive kid. His change of direction and feet were explosive and I saw that in training camp. It's just amazing how many different places football players come from these days."