Proposing a Darrelle Revis contract

On Monday, we began a series on the projected financial market for New England Patriots free agents. Kicker Stephen Gostkowski was the first player to be featured, and on Tuesday, cornerback Darrelle Revis was the featured player.

Here is a proposal that could possibly work for both sides:

Terms: Five years, $80 million

Signing bonus: $16 million


Base salary: $6 million (guaranteed)

Cap figure: $14.2 million ($9.2 million plus $5 million from original deal)


Base salary: $10 million (guaranteed)

Cap figure: $13.2 million


Base salary: $10 million (guaranteed)

Cap figure: $13.2 million

Option bonus: $10 million (decided on final day of league year)


Base salary: $14 million


Base salary: $14 million

The thought behind this deal was to show Revis the respect of the $16 million average per year salary he's earned the last two years, which sets the benchmark for the position. Arizona's Patrick Peterson ($14.01 million) and Seattle's Richard Sherman ($14 million) are the next in line. It also pays him $22 million in the first year (between signing bonus and base salary) and guarantees him $42 million (all paid in the first three years).

At that point, Revis would be turning 33 and if he's still playing at a high level, there is a chance to earn a $10 million option bonus that would activate the final two years of the pact at $14 million per season. So the total in guarantees and bonuses would be $52 million, although some would argue that the team might not have the intention of ever picking up the $10 million option bonus (or the final two years at $28 million). Extending the deal five years could help the team from the standpoint of spreading out the cap hit.

When I ran this by one NFL source not connected with a team who I believe has no agenda but is knowledgeable in contract dealings, the feeling was that perhaps the numbers were a bit lower than Revis might be able to command.