Leftovers from Devin McCourty

LOWELL, Mass. – Leftovers from New England Patriots safety Devin McCourty’s appearance Wednesday morning at an event in which the New England Dairy & Food Council, the Patriots and ESPNBoston teamed up to congratulate Lowell High for winning a “Fuel up to Play 60” Instagram contest:

What stood out to him at Lowell High School. “When I walked in, I was blown away. I think one of the coolest things is they have a Smoothie machine. I wish we had a Smoothie machine back in high school. The kids were really into it. It’s always fun coming back. A lot of times it’s little kids, but talking to high school kids, you can really start to talk to them about some adult issues.”

The impact of social media as part of the event. “I got all the hashtags to me, and a lot of people added me. It was cool seeing how many kids get active and actually get involved. If it involves social media, you’ll get every kid high school kid in America involved.

What he’s learned about the NFL as it relates to seeing players like Logan Mankins traded. “I would say the biggest thing I’ve learned is it’s a business. No matter what, you have to put your business hat on in a sense. I think everyone in the facility wanted Logan to be back here. That’s everyone, not just players. It just came down to business. I think that’s what everything comes down to – a business decision for a team, or a player. You have to kind of think it that way.”

The reality that things change every year. "I think you see it every year when teams win Super Bowls, fans get mad because they're just like, 'Bring the whole team back.' Financially, if teams could, they would. But you know, every year is another draft, there are other free agents, and teams are always looking to improve. Since I've been here, I think this team is probably No. 1 as far as forgetting about last year and they move on [and focus on] how to be a better team the next year. I think that's the reason they're successful year in and year out, because they don't get stuck in the past and worry about a bunch of other things. They only focus on how to get the team better for the upcoming year. Obviously, I think it would be awesome if all our guys could come back and try to get another run at the Super Bowl, but like you said, I don't know how realistic that is."

Conversations with Darrelle Revis. "I've talked to Rev but we don't really talk about contracts. Most of the time it's sending funny videos and laughing."

Summing up his offseason. McCourty said he has mostly been relaxing since his offseason kicked off with the memorable Super Bowl parade on duck boats. He plans to begin working out and said he might train for a short stretch in Arizona, where cornerback Logan Ryan is staying and plans to work out.