Proposing a Shane Vereen contract

On Monday, we began a series on the projected financial market for New England Patriots free agents.

Kicker Stephen Gostkowski was the first player to be featured, on Tuesday cornerback Darrelle Revis was the featured player, and on Wednesday it was running back Shane Vereen in the spotlight.

Here is a contract proposal for Vereen that could possibly work for both sides:

Terms: Four years, $16 million

Signing bonus: $4 million


Base salary: $1.5 million

Cap figure: $2.5 million


Base salary: $2.5 million

Cap figure: $3.5 million


Base salary: $3.5 million

Cap figure: $4.5 million


Base salary: $4.5 million

Cap figure: $5.5 million

This is a straight-forward deal that was drafted using the contract signed by Detroit's Reggie Bush in 2013 as a foundation. It pays Vereen $5.5 million in the first year, which is a slight increase from Bush, who was paid $5 million in his first year ($4 million signing bonus, $1 million base salary). The slight increase is a result of it now being two years later and the salary cap having risen since that time. Vereen's $4 million average per year is also an increase from the deals signed by Donald Brown (2014) and Darren Sproles (2013), who could be viewed as comparable players in certain ways. Vereen's value to the Patriots will be determined, in part, with how the club views 2014 fourth-round pick James White as a possible replacement.