Mark Dominik's take on Darrelle Revis

ESPN front office analyst Mark Dominik, the former general manager of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, might have more educated insight on cornerback Darrelle Revis than most.

Dominik, of course, was the Buccaneers’ primary personnel decision-maker when the team traded for Revis in 2013.

What does Dominik think will happen with Revis this offseason?

“I think Revis stays in New England, and I think you’re going to see Revis on a more marginal deal,” Dominik said Tuesday on ESPN Radio’s “Mike and Mike” program.

“I think when you say marginal, look, I know how important winning was for Darrelle Revis. I think as a player, once you get that elixir that your feel you realize it’s not all about anything else. I think he’s looking for a home, and I think he felt like home was there.

“I think Revis stays at a reasonable rate, whether that’s the $12 to $14 [million per year]. Maybe it’s more the $12 million for five years, at $60 million, and it’s done.

“I think New England is going to get a discount, and I think it’s going to be hard for Revis to not want to stay there.”

EXTRA POINT: Dominik's scenario comes in below our own projected market for Revis.