Closer look at Travaris Cadet's contract

Taking a closer look at the contract signed by Travaris Cadet, who will compete for a role as the New England Patriots' pass-catching running back:

Term: Two years

Total value: $1.715 million

Signing bonus: $65,000

2015 base salary: $660,000

2015 roster bonus: $50,000 (if on roster for first game)

2015 cap charge: $742,500

2016 base salary: $760,000

2016 roster bonus-1: $80,000 (if on roster fifth day of league year)

2016 roster bonus-2: $100,000 ($6,250 per game)

2016 cap charge: $966,250

This is a modest deal that reflects Cadet as a player who is still looking to prove himself in the NFL. If Cadet does emerge, the Patriots will like the idea that there is a second year to the deal, when Cadet would otherwise be eligible for unrestricted free agency. In exchange for that, Cadet received bonus money he likely wouldn't have as part of a one-year deal. That is part of the trade-off/compromise that is often seen in deals like this.